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How I Can Help

Life can be stressful and most people experience periods of anxiety or low mood when faced with challenging situations. You may have been able to successfully navigate through these difficult times, however there may come a point when you need extra support and seeking therapeutic help can prove very beneficial.

What brings us to therapy

You may be wondering if Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy is right for you. Deciding to enter therapy is an individual choice and there are many different reasons why people come to therapy.

Sometimes it is to help relieve deep-rooted psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, low self esteem, or unresolved issues from childhood. Other times it is to deal with interpersonal issues such as in marriage, relationship or family troubles.

People also come to therapy when they are struggling with unexpected change in their life, for instance when they experience bereavement, or are going through a divorce or a work transition. Many seek out therapy when they feel they would like to move in a new direction in life.

What is Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy is a talking therapy which aims to provide a safe non-judgemental and confidential space where you can explore what is on your mind or causing you distress in order to bring about effective and lasting change and improve your wellbeing.

In Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, you and your psychotherapist develop a partnership in which you are both working together to make sense of your difficulties and build on your existing strengths.

How I can help

I can help you by bringing a fresh perspective on the difficulties you are experiencing. I draw on psychoanalytic theory and neuroscience to develop a unique and holistic therapy tailored to your needs.

We cannot change difficult situations of the past but we can work together to better understand and resolve challenges in your life through an in-depth exploration of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, behaviours and past experiences.

Making positive changes

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy is not a quick fix and thus requires commitment. However, it can be a very rewarding process as the challenges you face in many aspects of your life are overcome and greater self-understanding is achieved.

Old maladaptive patterns of behaviour can be replaced by new healthy ones, self-esteem is improved, self-confidence is boosted and you can enjoy happier more fulfilling relationships. This is freeing and life enhancing and it promotes growth and creativity.

Roselyne Savidge
Roselyne Savidge
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Psychotherapy can help with…

Abuse, Anger, Anxiety, Bereavement and Loss, Compulsive Issues, Depression, Stress, Relationship Problems, Trauma, Separation and Divorce.